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who’ll get along, both at work and away from it
We take care of thousands of IT professionals.

We’ve been guiding them through their careers for years, so we know what they find attractive.

Over 40 large, mostly international companies trust us.

We know their company cultures, the technology they use, their teams and their practices.

We are easy to cooperate with because…

We have a large database of active contacts

Our systems tell us when projects end and who’s going to be available. We’ll quickly bring the contractor as well as the entire team to the company.

We reach even beyond the borders of the Czech Republic

We’ll find experts for international teams. In Prague, in Europe, or outside of it.

We treat everybody fair and are interested in what we do

Our contractors call us Acamarians. Personal approach is absolutely essential in this job.

We enjoy connecting the right people.

We’ve found the right people for 600 + positions

We’ve found the right people for


+ positions

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With Acamar, it all just clicked from the very beginning. We talked about what people we needed. The Acamar team aren’t interested only in experience but also in approach and behaviour of a potential candidate, which is a huge advantage. Last but not least, they try to imagine how a given person could work in our quite comprehensive company ecosystem.

Filip Líbal, owner of Proboston
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