Recruiter for Russian-speaking markets

We’re not a corporation tied up by rules. But we’re not a bunch of hipsters having dogs and swings all over the place either. We are a small team based in the Czech Republic working for international companies.

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  • It’s a person natural at dealing with people that knows various human characters, doesn't drag emotions into the dealings and is persistent in achieving goals.
  • It’s a mindful and organized professional who knows that matching the requirements of our clients with the needs of the professionals isn’t a job done on hourly basis.
  • He or she also knows that being kind to everybody always pays off because there is little people in the world who meet and recommend each other all the time.
  • Last but not least, a recruiter of our kind always attempts to find a reasonable solution to any problematic situation. 

There are 2 typical profiles we are looking for… 

  • Seasoned Recruiter, preferably someone who knows the ins and outs about the Russian-speaking market reaching beyond just Moscow. We operate in Russia from Novosibirsk to Kaliningrad as well as in other countries such as Belarus, Kazakhstan and others – except Ukraine. We’re ready to relocate such a pro to Prague. But we are open to discuss a form of cooperation based on a shuttle system as well.
  • Open-minded type without previous experience in recruiting, as long as he/she is knowledgeable of the market. We are more than well suited for passing on the craft. All we need is someone with a humble personality, urge to absorb information and attentiveness to detail.


  • With less than a dozen of employees, who are mostly not formally educated Recruiters, we’ve managed to break through international borders. We're based in the Czech Republic but work for large corporations, helping them to set up R&D centers in areas related to Industry 4.0, Automotive, IoT or Banking.
  • We find and relocate Eastern European Developers, Analysts and QA Specialists who can boast with the best education, background, experience and problem-solving attitude.
  • Yet we don’t perceive the specialists to be a resourceWe care deeply about their needs as well as professional ambitions and offer them only matching opportunities. Quite often getting involved in the relocation beyond the professional essentials.


  • We don’t have fixed working hours… or material benefits.
  • We genuinely enjoy working together, meeting every day in our office located in the most sought-after part of the city.
  • We value having our work done on time and spending the rest of the day on our own.
  • We cherish a culture where everybody can participate and develop the company.
  • We all drink alcohol and eat meat. We are not against non-drinkers, vegetarians or vegans. We’re just not sure they would be happy around us.


  • An opportunity to make a decent living while realizing one’s potential by operating in a demanding field. The remuneration is pretty straightforward:
    • The basic salary that enables us to pay the bills and save something off for less fortunate times that might come.
    • A bonus when we deserve it. It depends on the number of candidates we manage to deliver on our projects and the engagement in the internal operational or developmental activities.
  • This approach is fully transparent and aligns with our effort to move the company forward by ourselves. Because we are the ones who know the company best, right?

Sounds like an interesting opportunity to you? Get in touch with us and let’s discuss the details.


  • We will meet in person several times.
  • In between, we might ask you to complete some assignments.
  • We will also test your professional and language skills as well as problem solving capabilities.
  • In case you’re located abroad, you’ll need to take a trip or two to Prague – that we will assist you with arranging, of course.

I'll be your recruitment guide

Tereza Jarolímková

Tereza Jarolímková

Senior Recruiter

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