We are strategy consultants

who plan and seek out human capacities for projects and the development of R&D centres

We are strategy consultants

who plan and seek out human capacities for projects and the development of R&D centres

We help create teams
that work and get along well

600+ people

That’s how many candidates we’ve found interesting projects for

98% IT professionals

Continue working for the companies even after the 3-month trial period

454 days

Is the average amount of time a contractor works on a project

60 steaks

Eaten with Acamarians off-site

Company History

  • 2012 – Our company is founded

    Illya Pavlov founds Acamar as a traditional body shopping company in the Adastra Group.

  • 2016 – A crisis changes the company

    The economy is doing well and there is a shortage of IT experts. We leave the body shopping field and concentrate on experts from foreign markets.

  • 2017 – We supply teams from abroad

    Russia, Kazakhstan, Spain...we know everything there is to know about relocation and can manage a transition within 3 months.

  • 2018 – We supply our largest client with 50 experts

    There is one foreign expert for every two Czech experts.

  • 2019 – We build our first team outside of Prague

    Specifically for a client in Plzeň.

  • 2024 – We will deliver a turnkey R&D centre

    Will you be there with us?

You can read more about how Acamar was founded in this article.

Each of us is good at something
and together we do a good job

I define the company's direction and goal. I make sure my people have the best working conditions. I get my inner peace by wearing a helmet or with a kitchen knife in my hands.


Executive director

Illya Pavlov

My primary responsibility are Acamar's preparatory courses for testers. I manage their organisational aspects, make sure there is always enough food and drink and answer all the questions course attendees might have. When I get some time for myself, I like to read a good book or to meet up with friends for a glass of wine.


Course coordinator

Adéla Zaplatílková

Support and brand development, cooperation with universities, exhibitions, conferences and meet-ups – this is my job. No one catches me off guard, I don't miss any detail. They call me the eco-activist. When I am not working, I travel or play sports.



Šárka Dort

As a senior recruiter, I look for the best candidates on the market for our clients. I prefer to spend my free time outside and I like to express myself by photography and painting.


Senior Recruiter

Jana Hájková

I do my best to keep the customer happy. Therefore, the vast majority of the specialists I provide come from afar. I like working with the great team.
Outside of the office, I am usually drinking beer and eating a hearty beef steak with friends.


Senior Recruiter

Tereza Jarolímková

I started off as an IT recruiter and today, I look after our growing team of excellent colleagues. Even after working for Acamar for 5 years, I enjoy improving internal processes and keep the company moving forward. If there is anything I don't like, I speak out loudly. I prefer beer and a good dinner to buying clothes.


Recruitment Leader

Blanka Rubišová

In Acamar, I manage agendas of subcontractors, clients and with that associated contracts, invoices and purchase orders. I also make sure our office runs smoothly. I spend my free time travelling or baking.


Back Office Manager

Žaneta Vostrá

After my previous experiences from technology consulting and software development area, I've decided to support Acamar in their new strategy. I seek new clients who wish to gain a competitive advantage while developing their R&D or a Shared Service Center. After recruiting I usually work out or play tennis.


Business Development Manager

František Mareth

In Acamar I'm in charge of searching new candidates on foreign labor markets, the entire recruitment process and also relocation process. It makes me feel that I can help people to get a better job and thus a better life. Whenever I have some free time, I try to take full advantage of it. I like to travel, go to yoga class, to the cinema, and other cultural events. I also like psychology. My passion and relaxation is baking cakes.


Junior Recruiter

Ksenia Shumakova

I am helpful, happy, balanced, persistent – with results always on time. Apart from leading a team, I help the biggest customer plan and supply development capacities.
I enjoy sports, friends and culture.


Account Manager

Anna Vacíková