We are strategy consultants

who plan and seek out human capacities for projects and the development of R&D centres

We are strategy consultants

who plan and seek out human capacities for projects and the development of R&D centres

We help create teams
that work and get along well

600+ people

That’s how many candidates we’ve found interesting projects for

98% IT professionals

Continue working for the companies even after the 3-month trial period

454 days

Is the average amount of time a contractor works on a project

60 steaks

Eaten with Acamarians off-site

Company History

  • 2012 – Our company is founded

    Illya Pavlov founds Acamar as a traditional body shopping company in the Adastra Group.

  • 2016 – A crisis changes the company

    The economy is doing well and there is a shortage of IT experts. We leave the body shopping field and concentrate on experts from foreign markets.

  • 2017 – We supply teams from abroad

    Russia, Kazakhstan, Spain...we know everything there is to know about relocation and can manage a transition within 3 months.

  • 2018 – We supply our largest client with 50 experts

    There is one foreign expert for every two Czech experts.

  • 2019 – We build our first team outside of Prague

    Specifically for a client in Plzeň.

  • 2024 – We will deliver a turnkey R&D centre

    Will you be there with us?

You can read more about how Acamar was founded in this article.

Each of us is good at something
and together we do a good job

In Acamar I'm in charge of searching new candidates on foreign labor markets, the entire recruitment process and also relocation process. It makes me feel that I can help people to get a better job and thus a better life. Whenever I have some free time, I try to take full advantage of it. I like to travel, go to yoga class, to the cinema, and other cultural events. I also like psychology. My passion and relaxation is baking cakes.


Junior Recruiter

Ksenia Shumakova

I am helpful, happy, balanced, persistent – with results always on time. Apart from leading a team, I help the biggest customer plan and supply development capacities.
I enjoy sports, friends and culture.


Account Manager

Anna Vacíková

I do my best to keep the customer happy. Therefore, the vast majority of the specialists I provide come from afar. I like working with the great team.
Outside of the office, I am usually drinking beer and eating a hearty beef steak with friends.


Senior Recruiter

Tereza Jarolímková

Support and brand development, cooperation with universities, exhibitions, conferences and meet-ups – this is my job. No one catches me off guard, I don't miss any detail. They call me the eco-activist. When I am not working, I travel or play sports.



Šárka Dort

I define the company's direction and goal. I make sure my people have the best working conditions. I get my inner peace by wearing a helmet or with a kitchen knife in my hands.


Executive director

Illya Pavlov

In Acamar, I manage agendas of subcontractors, clients and with that associated contracts, invoices and purchase orders. I also make sure our office runs smoothly. I spend my free time travelling or baking.


Back Office Manager

Žaneta Vostrá

I started off as an IT recruiter and today, I look after our growing team of excellent colleagues. Even after working for Acamar for 5 years, I enjoy improving internal processes and keep the company moving forward. If there is anything I don't like, I speak out loudly. I prefer beer and a good dinner to buying clothes.


Recruitment Leader

Blanka Rubišová

After my previous experiences from technology consulting and software development area, I've decided to support Acamar in their new strategy. I seek new clients who wish to gain a competitive advantage while developing their R&D or a Shared Service Center. After recruiting I usually work out or play tennis.


Business Development Manager

František Mareth